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Check out some common questions customers have asked us before.

Will my website be viewable on mobile phones and tablets too?

Yes it will. In fact, all Web4budget sites are responsive, meaning the website we build for you will automatically resize to fit desktops, mobiles and tablets screens.

What is a page design layout template?

This is a specific layout format a page design will have depicting all the information it will accommodate (i.e. text, multimedia, forms and other publishable content). A website can have as many page design layout templates as necessary.

Can I add more pages once my website up and running?

Yes you can. Technically there is no limit to the number of pages you can add to your website once you have taken ownership of it. However, the design you choose may sometime limit the total number of pages than can be physically displayed on a website. As a result, this is the reason why a website might have a physical page limit upon it.

How quickly can I get a website built by Web4budget?

This depends on you! Generally, we can have your website up and running within 2 weeks, more complex designs may take longer.

Can I update my website on both PCs and Macs?

Yes you can. All our websites come with a content management system (CMS), which can be accessed from any Internet connected computer. Updating your website is a breeze, if you can create word documents on your computer, you will find updating your website equally easy.

I already have my own web hosting, can I use it to host a website you build for me?

Yes you can. Our CMS technology was built with this in mind, it allows you to host your website on any web hosting company you wish. The hosting just needs to support PHP and MySQL database version 4 and above with option to externally connect to your MySQL database. With Web4budget, you can depend on our technology to grow with your business.

I already own a domain name – can I use it with any of your Web4budget plans?

Yes you can. When you are buying one of our plans, indicate you own your domain and we will assist you with the necessary setup required.

Can I have more than one domain name point to my website? 

Yes you can. If you require additional domains to be pointed to your website, this is totally possible. If this is something you require, let us know and we can assist you with it. 

Do you offer search engine optimisation service?

Yes we do. By the way, all our website plans are programmed to be search engine friendly, however, should you need an active marketing campaign. Get in touch and one for our search engine consultants will be happy to assist.